Drive continuous Improvement

Enhance KPI availability while avoiding manual reporting to drive continuous improvement

Improve maintance

Simple and integrated maintenance management.

Reduce downtime

Automatic tagging of downtime and predictive maintenance enhance operational availability.

Automate sustainability reporting

The key to a sustainable future. Full energy monitoring and optimization across all assets to improve energy efficiency and automate sustainability.

Turn-key platform with flexibility at the core

The platform is built up from different modules so that you can find out what’s best suited for your project and organizational structure.

We understand that a successful digital transformation looks different for every company, that’s why our solution is customer-focused, scalable and flexible. Our team will help you by understanding what is necessary for you and implement the software according to your needs.

Key customers

Espen Henriksen-Polanscak - CTO at HTS Dynamics - Upkip Client Reviews

With Upkip we are achieving real-time situational awareness. We are noe longer estimating, but know for sure our key KPIs like Overall Equipment Effectiveness, On Time Delivery, Deviations from Plan and Order Cost Deviations

Espen Henriksen-Polanscak – CTO at HTS Dynamics

The Upkip platform has been trusted by and delivering results for leading companies in the fields of:



Customer Care

The program is designed to fit the different operational needs and provide safe and reliable system operation.

The Upkip customer care program provide:

 1st, 2nd and 3rd line of support through standardized service levels.

Predictablility on operational resources is a key success and one of our key priority to reach our goals for customer success and long term relationships.

Project Services

The Upkip Project services consist of key framework elements to ensure projects are delivered on time-cost and with the expected quality. The upkip project framework is based on agile methods.

Key project services include:

  • Project Management
  • Engineering
  • Quality Assurance
  • HW & SW Development
  • Digital Transformation Advisory.

Innovation Partner

Upkip is an IoT platform that contains all key components to speed up your innovation process.

The platform can be whitelabled and easily customized to fit your product development requirements.

The upkip team has rich experience in product development across muliple segments.