A story of highly-skilled international cooperation

Upkip was inspired by a unique variety of skills acquired by ICB, ICB Digital and International Development Norway (IDN).

Who's behind Upkip

The expertise in business, consultancy and technology behind the partners allowed for a very close collaboration with key manufacturing players in the European market and sparked the development of what would become the Upkip platform.


Since 1996 ICB has been working on projects related to industrial automation, factory and sensor connectivity, data extraction, manipulation and visualization in the maritime and manufacturing industries.

The company started extracting multiple parameters from different devices in factories and in vehicles, nowadays handling over 40k parameters per second in some of the software they’ve designed.

Furthermore the company has expertise and is involved in key machine learning and artificial intelligence projects in the manufacturing industry.


A joint venture between ICB and IDN, ICB Digital is a Norwegian software company focused on enabling digitalization processes in industrial enterprises and production environments.

It has acquired solid consultancy expertise in digital transformation in the manufacturing industry, especially optimization of processes leading to higher profitability and streamlined operations. By combining cutting-edge technology, professional software skills, and innovation development expertise, it delivers exceptional software solutions and transformation services for industrial companies.


Through a global network of experts, International Development Norway (IDN) facilitates knowledge exchange and project cooperation, focusing on Circular Economy, Green Energy, Entrepreneurship, Education & Social Inclusion, Manufacturing, SMEs, ICT and Innovation.

A spin-out of SINTEF Foundation, the largest contract research institute in Scandinavia, they are working globally for sustainable local development through consulting and management services to projects within their business areas.

If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it

- William Thomsom, 1st Baron Kelvin

Inspired by Lord Kelvin’s philosophy, we worked with partners to dive deep in the intricacies of the manufacturing sector and started measuring all types of data from production and business processes within factories. In the initial phase, we understood the possibilities and limitations of interconnecting CNC machines and then pushed for an open architecture that allowed integration with various sensors and other systems that play a decisive role in the performance of a manufacturing company.

Together with the original project partners, the team managed to validate the entire concept behind the full software platform and shape it into a repeatable solution, leveraging a modern cloud technology powered by Microsoft Azure. Upkip was deployed and validated in actual manufacturing contexts and has an active team behind it to keep delivering tailored solutions for users, new integrations and continuous overall improvements for an optimal, unique experience.

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