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Partnership models

Resellers and Distributors

We partner with companies that specialize in providing solid solutions for manufacturers in different countries. Our reselling partners usually complement their services in manufacturing automation, consultancy, software and hardware integration, among others. This model is for professionals and companies that supply manufacturers, and that can use Upkip to integrate a seamless digital manufacturing experience. Whether you have your own complimentary product or service we can partner to deliver excellence together.

This model is ideal for:
Manifactures or Distributors of CNC machines and Sensors
Software Consultancy and Development
Process and Optimization Consultants in Manifacturing


We are continuously growing Upkip’s compatibility by integrating it into new hardware and software systems. Much of this is done by giving priority to our partner’s systems, in order to provide a complete end-to-end solution to the final customer. As an integrator, we will prioritize making Upkip work with your system so our solutions can complement each other and work seamlessly together.

This model is ideal for:
CNC Manufacturers
Manufacturers and Integrators of specific machine builders
Industrial Software Companies (ERP, Maintenance, etc)

Agents and Referrals

There are multiple scenarios and potential partners that can benefit from a partnership with us. Upkip’s value centers around increasing productivity, reducing scrap, optimizing energy use and increasing manufacturing efficiency as a whole. Whether you are a consultancy focused on green impact, or a financial consultancy for the manufacturing industry we can partner to reach the customers in need.

This model is ideal for:
Individual Consultants
Manufacturing Specialists

What's in it for you?

Transparency and Trust

The creators of Upkip have always been about trust and transparency. We run our business in a truly family manner.

Profit-based Partnership

We keep our models simple, based around profit-sharing. We are open to matching the way our partners operate and sharing our best practices.

Current partners

Western Europe and UAE