Manufacturing Data Collection, Visualization and Analytics with Industrial IoT – Free Webinar

Free Webinar - Manufacturing Digitalization_15.04.2021

Upkip team is excited to invite you to the free webinar “Manufacturing Data Collection, Visualization and Analytics with Industrial IoT”, showcasing the Upkip platform.

The event will take place on 15.04.2021 from 11:00 AM till 12:00 PM CET and your speaker will be Metodi Amov, Business Development Director at ICB.

You must attend if your digitalization strategy includes any of the following objectives:

  • Create situational awareness – Showcase the necessary data for each factory element at any given time so that machine operators can monitor its status remotely.
  • Stop guesstimating – have detailed measurements of main KPIs such as the time it takes to manufacture and order an item, the effectiveness of machines and people, or the cost deviation per item.
  • Ensure accuracy and real-time monitoring of main KPIs at every level of the manufacturing facility
  • Improve the factory’s production in terms of manpower, machinery, and time. Optimize factory capacity for production by considering orders, raw material stock, and a variety of other factors.
  • Stop before scrap is made – detect scrap before the order is put into production. With IoT connectivity in place, factory workers will receive the required alerts.
  • Customer transparency – provide in advance key status of customer orders when applicable (delays, quality measurements etc.).
  • Sales customer transparency – Ensure that your sales staff has a better understanding of your potential so that you can have transparent production times.
  • Higher asset utilization – It is costly to have one person monitor a single machine. One factory worker (machine operator) can manage multiple machines using UpKip. The goal is to increase the number of machines per worker to five.
  • Compliance, quality assurance and reporting of all types of manufacturing KPIs to interest groups (customers, partners, sister/mother/group companies and owners) to the factory. It is critical to ensure traceability throughout the process to make certain that quality standards are met.

Program of the webinar

  • Industrial Digitalization and Industry 4.0 Talks
  • A Showcase of a Real Manufacturing Digitalization /Demo with Upkip/. Demonstration of an implementation of the system in a metal elements production factory in Norway
  • Q&A session

Join us to achieve your digital manufacturing objectives!

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P.S. Don’t worry if you can’t make it. We will make sure to record it and send you the link.