Precision manufacturing meets precise data – Use Case

The manufacturing sector is heavily affected by technological advancements, and Norwegian companies pride themselves on being early adopters of the latest technologies. In an increasingly competitive market, digital transformation seems to be the only way forward in order to reduce costs and increase productivity.

In this case study, you can read about HTS Dynamics and its journey towards Industry 4.0 production.

Close cooperation between HTS Dynamics and the Upkip team was a key ingredient for the project’s success. From an executive decision to getting all staff on board, introducing a new technology must take into account the company’s culture and work philosophy. Upkip was slowly incorporated into the client’s reality in an incremental way to allow for a truly integrated and effective solution.

“With Upkip we are achieving real-time situational awareness. We are no longer estimating, but know for sure our key KPIs like Overall Equipment Effectiveness, On-Time Delivery, Deviations from Plan and Order Cost Deviations.” Espen Henriksen-Polanscak CTO, HTS Dynamics

Download link: HTS Dynamics Case Study