Upkip is partnering with maintenance company Wictus

By < Rune Stolan >

February 3, 2022


To further strengthen the Norwegian manufacturing industry, ICB Digital/Upkip and Wictus has entered a strategic partnership within industry 4.0 services and products. More specifically on implementation and support of the product portfolio Upkip (www.upkip.cloud). The partnership offers both Upkip and Wictus an exciting opportunity to expand its tools and services towards the manufacturing industry in Norway.

Wictus will become a key integration partner of Upkip working closely with its clients on their path towards the future of production. Wictus plans to use the Upkip industry 4.0 platform and its deep-tech analytics functionalities as a key enabler in their new offerings towards Smart Factory. For more information about Wictus and its services, visit www.wictus.no.

“Wictus possess great domain knowledge about manufacturing processes that will be crucial input in further development of Upkip. The partnership will also secure technical personnel in strategic locations throughout the country, expanding the offering and presence of Upkip. We look forward to a long-term collaboration with Wictus towards the Norwegian manufacturing segment.” Rune Stølan, CEO at ICB Digital

“Expanding our industry 4.0 product portfolio with the tool Upkip enables Wictus to offer customers an IoT platform that connects IT/OT and enables data-driven optimization programs and innovation. The Norwegian industry needs to embrace data-driven business models and we look forward to contributing to that journey.” Joar Næss, Head of Business Development at Wictus.

To know more about the partnership and how it can bring value to your company, please get in touch rune.stolan@icbdigital.no.