Upkip is Partnering with the Sensor Provider El-Watch

By < Rune Stolan >

June 29, 2021

Upkip is Partnering with El.Watch - Cover Image


We are very excited to announce our recent partnership with the Norwegian company El-Watch.

El-Watch is an IoT sensor company with products suitable for industrial applications. They have a long history in the development of wireless products used in rough environments. Their knowledge and experience have resulted in the creation of the wireless IoT Neuron sensor system.

El-Watch is established as a leading IoT sensor provider, and their service quality is attested by some of their clients and partners – Volvo, Bravida, Alcoa, Elkem and Gjensidige. The El-Watch temperature and vibration sensors are already in use at customer facilities of Upkip, monitoring critical machines and infrastructure at customer sites. El-Watch offers a variety of sensor types, including pressure, humidity, hour counters and more.

This partnership provides Upkip users access to domain knowledge on hardware and possible use cases that they can implement in their practice. In addition, our partners’ clients can benefit from further development of their data analytics by utilizing the Upkip platform.