How does Upkip monitor conditions in my facility wirelessly?

By deploying Upkip on your facility, you will have access to all of its processes, connected equipment and monitored environments through any device’s internet browser. Allied with your choice of sensors and systems, it aggregates huge amounts of data from a myriad of possible integrations, for analytics that inform your decisions. With intuitive dashboards, you can navigate to find the information you need. This is helped by the digital twin function, which creates an easy-to-navigate virtual copy of your shop floor that quickly guides you to what needs your attention, with alarms, warnings, key KPIs – OEE, availability, performance and quality – and other operations in one interface.

Basically, Upkip transforms analytics into action through universal edge connectivity, cloud data infrastructure, and communication workflows that optimize machine operation, enhance legacy manufacturing processes and drive new revenue streams and business models related to machines. Our platform basically works through the following process:

  1. IoT technologies such as RFID and wireless communications are used for capturing real-time machines’ statuses
  2. Information is visualized through a graphical dashboard after being processed by various data models and cloud-based services.
  3. Devices are deployed in a “cloud-manufacturing environment” such as shop floors to capture machine data
  4. Cloud-based services are designed and developed for making full use of the captured data to facilitate end-users’ production operations and behaviors.