How is Upkip different than other monitoring solutions?

Most of the existing monitoring, analytics and digitalization solutions for the manufacturing industry digitalization:

  • Don’t allow for connectivity of different CNC machines (brands and models)
  • Are not open to reverse engineering and/or retrofitting;
  • Have closed or traditional business models, which with the size of the organization turn into a very considerable cost, with questionable RoI
  • Are focusing on machine manufacturing data only, not cross-referencing it with orders, maintenance data, and data from external sensors to enable in-depth analysis
  • Are heavy to support with on-premise insecure implementations
  • Are not scalable – as they were built on closed systems or not relying on the ever-evolving cloud security, functionalities, and stability
  • Rely on proprietary hardware or edge device that needs to be installed physically in the factory
  • Need periodical physical checks and updates are not available remotely

Upkip was created to act and improve upon all these topics. It is a fully-rounded industrial IoT application that allows manufacturers of all sizes to start their digital transformation, and then scale up as they grow.