What is Upkip?

Upkip is a real-time manufacturing monitoring solution Industry 4.0 digital transformation platform in the cloud with advanced analytics capabilities and machine learning-enabled features. It is a perfect fit for the SME segment since it can be implemented quickly and easily, with small upfront investment. It is also an attractive option for larger enterprises that are on the way to implement their digital transformation strategy since it has a robust set of features that compete with top brands in the market.

Built on top of Microsoft Azure, relying on over 70 services, its security, flexibility and robustness are guaranteed by Microsoft investments. Upkip connects with CNC machine controllers and various sensors (external) to extract, store and analyze data and turn it into actionable real-time insights for employees from shop to top levels (machine operators, shift leaders, quality supervisors and managers) within a factory. It connects with existing systems (ERP, Maintenance, SCADA etc.) to centralize the data needed for optimization and further digitalization of the company. Upkip makes sense of Industry 4.0 data, putting in the right context for informed decision making.