What dashboards does Upkip have?

Upkip provides an easy and affordable way to implement your digital transformation strategy and achieving the status of smart factory. This is a list of the major dashboards that we provide as part of the three models of Upkip:

  • Operator Dashboards
    • Machines
    • Downtime
    • External Sensors
    • Track Cycle
  • Team Leader / Shift Manager
    • Machines
    • Status of machines
    • Alarms
    • Downtime
    • Maintenance
    • Tool Usage
    • Statistical Process Control
  • Supervisor
    • Setup Inspection – manual quality assurance
    • Quality Control – automatic quality control
    • Order Overall Equipment Effectiveness
    • Factory Utilization – per department and overall
    • Facility
    • Weather
  • Manager
    • Deviations Overview
    • Factory Overall Equipment Effectiveness
    • Microsoft Power BI Reports
    • Operator Dashboards – productivity, utilization etc.
    • Operator Worktime
  • Factory layout – 3D factory representation with real-time updates and high-level statuses, much similar to a digital twin functionality
  • System Dashboards
    • Health
    • Database metrics
    • Administration – Access to MS Azure Dashboards for usage
    • HealthCheck of the system
    • Heartbeat history

You are not limited to those dashboards. Let us know if you need a custom dashboard and we will create it for you!