In what cases should manufacturers consider Upkip?

  • When it is necessary to understand your real KPI measurements. Instead of relying on ad-hoc custom reports, exported in excel from many systems and constantly updated by hand – which can take weeks – you can have automatically generated ones in a few clicks.
  • Understanding basic customer data like – order profitability, on-time delivery, produced scrap, etc.
  • Have no option for remote monitoring, but rely on constant physical interaction with the machines
  • High salary costs, which combined with the tiny margins leave little room for profit.
  • Decreasing scrap. Minimizing waste and errors to produce it.
  • Low asset utilization. Not knowing how their assets can be used more effectively.
  • When you need remote monitoring of your facilities
  • To implement your digital transformation strategy
  • To allow for predictive maintenance and less costly – and more assertive – preventive maintenance