What are the benefits of Upkip?

Upkip is a platform focused on improving the productivity in the manufacturing industry. It has a wide array of benefits for your operation and staff, some of which are listed below.

  • Create situational awareness – at any given point showcase the needed data for each factory element so workers are aware of its status remotely
  • Stop guesstimating – have precise measurements of key KPIs like time to produce and order or item within it, machine and people effectiveness or cost deviation per item
  • Provide transparency and real-time key KPI reporting at every level of the manufacturing facility
    Improve productivity of the factory in terms of man, machine and time efforts. Optimize the factory capacity for production by keeping in mind orders, stock of raw material and multiple other factors.
  • Stop before scrap is made – UpKip’s goal is to identify scrap before the order is launched for manufacturing. With IoT connectivity in place to raise the needed alarms for factory workers.
  • Customer transparency – provide in advance key status of customer orders when applicable (delays, quality measurements etc.).
  • Sales customer transparency – enable your sales team to have a greater understanding of your capacity in order to offer transparent production times
  • Higher asset utilization – one person monitoring one machine is too expensive. UpKip allows for one factory worker (machine operator) to monitor multiple machines. The goal is to increase this load to 10 machines per worker.
  • Compliance, quality assurance and reporting of all types of manufacturing KPIs to interest groups (customers, partners, sister/mother/group companies and owners) to the factory. Making sure there is traceability in the process is important to make sure quality standards are matched. Nearshore and offshore manufacturing facilities are often faced with daily and real-time reporting.

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