How does Upkip take data from machines?

The data is read in real-time by machine controllers, and currently supports both open and private industrial protocols such as OPC DA / AE / HAD, OPCUA, MTConnect, Modbus TCP, Profinet, ReST, Fanuc RobotInterface, MQTT, Siemens S7 Series, Siemens Sinumerik Series and others. Controllers for machines of the main manufacturers are supported – for example, Mazak, DMG, Heidenhain, Nakamura, Haas, Fanuc, Emco, Index, Datron, Universal Robots, and others. The architecture of the system is flexible and allows abstraction on many levels, and adding a new connector for a new type of controller is often a solved task by us.

The digital duplicate of the machine can be enriched with data from external sensors, such as most often placed to measure cooling temperatures, pumps, to monitor for leaks, electrical consumption, vibration. We prioritize the use of non-assembly and non-invasive sensors (do not require drilling or wiring), which greatly facilitates maintenance and initial installation. Because the choice of only one approach is often insufficient, you can consider that while communication with the controller is useful mainly for the purpose of optimizing performance, the external sensors are mainly used for the purposes of predictive and reactive support.