How can I improve operator productivity?

The muscle of every manufacturing company is the shop floor heroes. They work directly with your production equipment. At Upkip we believe that optimizing productivity starts with giving the data in the hands of all factory employees, starting with the operators.

Here are some functionalities that can help operators perform better:

  • Machine dashboards – complete machine analysis, based on all data, coming from the machine controllers. Everything available at your mobile phone or tablet.

  • Downtime tagging – allowing operators to spot inefficiencies and tag why each machine did not work according to plan. What is the root cause of deviations to the plan. Having this data allows operators or managers to spot continuous inefficiencies in the process of machine operations. Whether it is lack of raw material, too much time spent on tool replacement or program tweaking – you can now know what the repetitive reasons are in order to reduce their occurrence.


  • Stop before scrap is made with sensor integrations and dashboards. Setting thresholds for multiple factors within each order allows operators to stop a process before they produce scrap. With sensors in place you know what is the temperature and humidity of your aluminum sheet at the beginning of the manufacturing process before you launch production. If they don’t match the thresholds Upkip will raise an alarm and this will prevent scrap from being created.