All you need to get started with Industry 4.0

There are some minimum requirements for an Industry 4.0 system, and Upkip will provide you with all of them:

How it works

Standardized edge system and connectors to quickly connect to the various sources of data

Highly secure cloud software solution with modular and scalable architecture. The customer owns the data.

System tools for rapid visualization of operational data and optimization. Business connectors for Office 365, Power BI, SAP, Dynamics and more

Value adding applications. Digital twin and machine learning to optimize performance and develop sustainable operations.

Maximize output
without increasing installed capacity

Feature list

Growing compatibility

Upkip’s digital environment provides a tailored experience for your production.

Featuring simple self-install IoT connectivity that integrates with ERP and MES, real-time production data is visualized with costomazable dashboards that empower workers to meet production goals . and enable production managers to make more informed and confident decisions.

Go deeper into the data to identify bottlenecks and count on numerous available reports to back you up. They range from job and operator performance, OEE, cycle analysis, machine utilization to downtime history and many more.

Take your shop to the cloud
with state of the art capabilities

Automatic continuous data collection from CNC machines and sensors.

Analytical machine learning models for predictive maintenance.

Management KPI dashboards.

Intuitive, easy-to-use and responsive interface.

Customizable alerts and notifications: E-Mail, SMS, Viber, IFTTT.

Self-service BI capabilities with drilldown.

Example dashboards

Supported integrations