Qui est derrière Upkip

Upkip was inspired by a unique variety of skills acquired by IT and OT domain experts in Europe.

Upkip - Zero Defect and Zero Waste Manufacturing: How Industry 4.0 Contributes to the European Green Deal

Who are Upkip?

Upkip is a Norwegian software company that enables the digitalization of processes in industrial enterprises and production environments.

The company has acquired solid consultancy expertise in digital transformation in various industries, especially within the area of optimization of processes leading to higher profitability and streamlined operations. 

By combining cutting-edge technology, professional software skills, and innovation development expertise, it delivers exceptional software solutions and transformation services for industrial companies.

Si vous ne pouvez pas le mesurer, vous ne pouvez pas l'améliorer

– William Thomsom, 1st Baron Kelvin

Inspired by Lord Kelvin’s philosophy, Upkip works with partners to dive deep into the intricacies of the manufacturing sector measuring all types of data from production and business processes within factories. In the initial phase, we understood the possibilities and limitations of interconnecting CNC machines and then pushed for an open architecture that allowed integration with various sensors and other systems that play a decisive role in the performance of a manufacturing company.

Faites partie de l'équipe

Rejoignez-nous pour que les fabricants de toutes tailles aillent plus loin et plus vite grâce à la transformation numérique.