Through overview of the features accessible in the Upkip Management Portal GUI for system and organization administrators



Through overview of the features accessible in the Upkip Management Portal GUI for system and organization administrators



Through overview of the features accessible in the Upkip Management Portal GUI for system and organization administrators

An array of products enabling you to optimize your operations, empower your employees, transform your products and engage your customers.


Smart Factory

Smart factories utilize IoT technology to enhance manufacturing processes. Sensors and automation enable efficient operations, data analytics, and real-time decision-making.

Operate with confidence
in a connected production

Upkip’s Smart factory leverages IIoT technology to create a highly digitized and connected production environment. It employs digital twin with device simulation, automation, and machine learning to optimize manufacturing processes. The straightforward, low-code integration leads to enhanced productivity, improved quality control, and a more flexible production line.

Smart factories are at the forefront of Industry 4.0, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in manufacturing through data-driven insights and real-time decision-making.

Upkip Pilot Implementation

The Upkip framework allows for a quick and cost-efficient implementation. We recommend our customers to get going with a pilot implementation, so that they gain experience and reduce risk before full implementation. The process starts with a workshop (scope pilot project), followed by initial limited on-site implementation, three month pilot period, dashboards optimization and implementation plan workshop.


Connected Products

These products feature embedded sensors and network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data. This enhances usability, maintenance, and functionality through remote monitoring and control.

Realize new revenue streams
from smart connected IoT products

Connected products are central to IIoT, featuring embedded sensors and network connectivity that allow them to collect and exchange data. This connectivity enables manufacturers to offer new services such as real-time monitoring, remote diagnostics and support, and predictive maintenance. For consumers, this means improved product functionality and enhanced user experiences. Your businesses can leverage data from these products to gain insights into usage patterns and product performance, driving innovation and competitive advantage.

Customer roadmap, maintenance and support

Naturally, our approach is centered on framework cooperation to handle agile product development, product maintenance, and product support. This practice allows for flexible and agile development while it provides predictability and reliability throughout all product phases.


AI Energy Optimization

Revolutionize your energy consumption management by understanding how your production environment uses power across each device and across the business. Find the ideal balance of energy sources based on availability, need, and cost.

Unlock efficiency by cutting energy costs and reducing your CO2 footprint

Upkip’s AI energy optimization algorithm focuses on using artificial intelligence to enhance energy efficiency in industrial operations. This approach involves analyzing large datasets from various sensors and systems to identify patterns and inefficiencies. AI algorithms can then optimize energy usage, reducing waste and lowering costs. This not only helps industries comply with environmental regulations but also contributes to sustainability by minimizing the carbon footprint of manufacturing and other industrial activities.

Predictive energy pricing analytics allow you to mitigate the risk of energy price volatility and open the road for adaptive scaling and strategic planning of your operations.

ESG compliance and sustainability reporting

In view of EU environmental, social, and governance regulations expanding toward small and medium-sized companies, adhering closely to sustainability reporting regulations is not only a good practice but a must. By starting to collect data from your assets, you acquire an invaluable tool to assess and control your impact on climate, sustainable business practices, and compliance with regulatory standards.



Using sensors and AI to predict equipment failures before they occur, Upkip allows you to reduce downtime and maintenance costs by scheduling repairs based on data-driven insights.

Enjoy smooth operations
without unexpected downtime

Upkip’s Predictive maintenance product employs data analytics and machine learning to predict equipment failures before they occur. By monitoring equipment conditions in real-time, the platform can identify signs of wear and potential breakdowns, allowing for timely maintenance. This preemptive approach minimizes downtime, extends equipment life, and reduces maintenance costs, ultimately leading to more reliable operations and improved overall efficiency.

Our operator-based maintenance module allows you to easily configure your assets within a hierarchy of multiple factories and departments, combining tags, alarms, historical data and real time statuses – to the effect of greatly maximized output.

Upkip Maintenance Training program

Centered on our operator-based maintenance product, our Maintenance Training ensures that your various levels of operators are in tune with the best practices in maintenance. The program is led by expert trainers with years of experience and thousands of trained operators in their log.


Workflow Management

Upkip’s Worklow Management product implements the concept that everything is a process, all processes are related and can be improved as a system.

Focus on process
and interconnectedness
within your operations

Workflow management in IIoT involves the strategic automation and optimization of industrial processes. This results in improved coordination, reduced errors, and faster decision-making. By automating routine tasks and providing managers with real-time data, your operations achieve higher productivity and better resource management.

Upkip’s Workflow Management is a state-of-the-art software module that helps manufacturers optimize administrative and production processes, effectively manage the day-to-day work, and seamlessly integrate ERP, CRM, MES, SCM and other production systems. A palette of product features such as document generation, document conversion, document management, messaging, account management, logging and integration are at your disposal.

Upkip’s Digital Manufacturing Record Book

The most demanding documentation workflow in manufacturing is the assembly and management of the Manufacturing Record Book (MRB). The MRB can contain thousands of pages. It’s the passport of your product, verifying the quality and compliance of your production process from the raw material to the sealed and stamped box. We’ve automated the thousand pages for you in our Digital Manufacturing Record Book.

Improvements after

Upkip’s implementation greatly improves your operation’s overall efficiency. Learn more below through key facts and figures: