Higher productivity with a connected factory

Keep track of your machines remotely and free your team to focus on decision-making.

How it works

Upkip transforms analytics into action through universal edge connectivity, cloud data infrastructure, and communication workflows that optimize machine operation, enhance legacy manufacturing processes and drive new revenue streams.

What you can to expect

Upkip was designed alongside manufacturers to help them address the most relevant and troubling issues in their production. It has proved successful in diverse scenarios and is being constantly improved upon with customer feedback.

Automated objective manufacturing with KPI evaluation.
License protection in a pay-as-you-go, scalable solution.
Customization on all levels with open API available.
Statistical reporting of process results.
Historical and geographical process comparison for optimization.
Traceability parameters in near real-time and historical overview.

Maximize output without increasing installed capacity

Decision-making support for several business areas.

Improved operator <> machine ratio.

Overall improvement of your productivity and innovation capacity.

Software layer between machines and LoB systems.

Early detection of plan deviations and fast reaction in case of failure.

Streamlined production with increased availability and optimized workload.

Understand how Upkip can work for your shop

Growing compatibility

Upkip’s digital environment provides a tailored experience for your production.

Featuring simple self-install IIoT connectivity that integrates with ERP and MES, real-time production data is visualized with customizable dashboards that empower workers to meet production goals and enable production managers to make more informed and confident decisions.

Go deeper into the data to identify bottlenecks and count on numerous available reports to back you up. They range from job & operator performance, OEE, cycle analysis, machine utilization to downtime history and many more.

Customizable KPIs

Upkip is customizable to include your own particular performance indicators, so you get a 360º sense of your shop and production.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
Operator and equipment utilization
Equipment downtime tagging
Equipment maintenance progress
Equipment specific KPIs Rate, load, temperature, status, and noise.
Availability, performance, quality Machine, order and operator
Operation progress Estimated vs left on number and count.
Work order status On time, on budget, on quality.

Flexibility at the Core

Upkip offers different modules to best suit your facility and the structure of your organization.

Safety and Support

We understand that successful digital transformation looks different for every company, that’s why our solution is customer-focused, scalable and flexible.

This attitude allows for an iterative, paced process that builds a true partnership with mutual learning. Our team will be alongside you to understand your necessities and to implement the software according to them. We will also provide training and tutorials for your team, so everyone can make the most of it. All plans also cover critical level bugfixing and at least one annual upgrade.


The entire platform was built with firewalls at every step of data gathering and exchange across all environments, with server-side and in-transit encryption.

Upkip is also compliant with all Microsoft Azure safety controls, which means that, by default there is no access to customer data, no user or administrator accounts on customer virtual machines (VMs) and that it grants the least privilege that's required to complete a task (audit and log access requests). So, be assured, your data is yours alone.

Getting started


Take the first step!

Answer our quick contact form to let us understand your needs.


We will get in touch!

We will contact you, focus on your doubts, and set-up an implementation plan for a license-free three monthstrial.


We will plan a free trial!

Together, we will drill-down into a selected numbers of your machines, sensors and systems, integrating some them with Upkip.


You will see data in action!

Data will start flowing into the platform and we will train your key team members to make the most out of it for the first phase of the Upkip test.


Together we will plan the full roll-out!

After the license-free trial is completed we will do a complete roll-out cross-company with all of your machines, sensors and systems as well as planning the training and onboarding of your personnel.


You are all set!

Once we do the full integration you can focus on increasing productivity, making data-driven decisions and boost your competitive edge. We will keep providing support and updates for a true, long-term, partnership.

Become a partner

We are seeing the changes in worldwide supply chains and understand the toll this takes on local SMEs. This motivated us to join efforts and provide an affordable solution for manufacturers who aren’t the biggest players in the market, but who want to produce like them.

Upkip was created through collaboration and we believe that it can continue to benefit a network of professionals around the manufacturing sector. We want to engage manufacturers, distributors, consultants, resellers, implementation partners and service providers to put manufacturing digitalization on the fast track, for as many companies as possible.