Higher productivity with a connected factory

Keep track of your machines remotely and free your team to focus on decision-making.

Customizable KPIs

Upkip is customizable to include your own particular performance indicators, so you get a 360º sense of your shop and production.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Equipment downtime tagging.

Equipment specific KPIs Rate, load, temperature, status, and noise.

Operation progress Estimated vs left on number and count.

Operator and equipment utilization.

Equipment maintenance progress.

Availability, performance, quality Machine, order and operator.

Work order status On time, on budget, on quality.

Flexibility at the Core

Upkip offers different modules to best suit your facility and the structure of your organization.

Fully customizable

Successful digital transformation is different for each business, that’s why we built a flexible solution that fits the needs of your shop.


We believe in growing together with our clients, so we offer flexible pricing for you to start where you are and then scale-up as you increase your shop.

Validated by the best

Designed alongside industry leaders to improve productivity, reduce scrap, and deliver extensive, detailed analytics on their operation.

Discover what real productivity looks like

Whit Upkip you’ll achieve new levels of productivity without increasing installed capacity.