Can you improve the productivity of your factory in six months?


Upkip - The simple affordable way to get started with Industry 4.0. Enjoy shorter production time. Achieve better Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Production Equipment Availability. Increase your customer’s satisfaction. Embrace predictive maintenance

The Upkip philosophy



Securely connect your shop floor to the cloud and let your machines start communicating with you.

Continuously gather data from equipment automatically and cross-reference it with operational and external data for complete real-time remote monitoring of your manufacturing processes.



Transparent manufacturing in a user-friendly virtual environment that shows you what you need to know.

With a 3D digital twin and multiple interactive dashboards, Upkip provides actionable analytics, statistical reports, and root cause analysis that support all roles in your company - from operators to managers.



Uncover your full production potential with a deeper, systematic understanding of your operation.

Then take action to improve quality, reduce costs, scrap, and eliminate unplanned downtime. What’s more, with efficient predictive maintenance and condition monitoring, your focus can remain on the consumer.


With Upkip we are achieving real-time situational awareness. We are no longer estimating, but know for sure our key KPIs like Overall Equipment Effectiveness, On Time Delivery, Deviations from Plan and Order Cost Deviations

Espen Henriksen-Polanscak - CTO at HTS Dynamics

Take your shop to the cloud with state of the art capabilities

Automatic continuous data collection from CNC machines and sensors
Intuitive, easy-to-use and responsive interface
Analytical machine learning models for predictive maintenance
Customizable alerts and notifications: E-Mail, SMS, Viber, IFTTT
Management KPI dashboards
Self-service BI capabilities with drilldown

Fully customizable

Successful digital transformation is different for each business, that’s why we built a flexible solution that fits the needs of your shop.



We believe in growing together with our clients, so we offer flexible pricing for you to start where you are and then scale-up as you increase your shop.


Validated by the best

Designed alongside industry leaders to improve productivity, reduce scrap, and deliver extensive, detailed analytics on their operation.


Keep up with the competition

The dispersion of production in global value chains is demanding factories to reduce costs, increase output, and maximize profitability so they can continue to stay relevant. With no room for unexpected errors, precise decisions must be made with accurate data to back them up.

Adopting Industry 4.0 is no longer a matter of choice, but of necessity, and Upkip is the simple, affordable way to get started.


Upkip helps us achieve higher asset utilization by having all needed data in one place. We make changes in our processes and assess the effect learning from the data we get. We are enabling operators to service more machines simultaneously, having the right data and monitoring instrument in place.

Ole Arne Kristiansen - CMO at HTS Dynamics

A virtual environment for everything in your production

These intuitive workspaces give you accurate real-time and historical information on multiple elements of your production including individual machine health and status, performance of shifts and overall facility conditions. Multiple drill-downs are available to show downtime, progress, quality, orders, OEE and maintenance.


Upkip was designed alongside actual manufacturers, which allowed us to consider all roles in the organization and pre-set packaged views for every level. Operators get real-time operational info, managers can check progress according to plan and do quality control; and supervisors are covered with info on deviations, performance and reports. All in easy-to-navigate dashboards that contain what is most important to each role.


Count on a flexible platform that can be as simple or as detailed as you need. From a bird’s-eye view of the entire factory to component-centric visualizations of individual machines, operators, orders and manufacturing areas (such as turning, assembly, milling, welding and others).


We get it, a system with multiple capabilities and parameters can be overwhelming at first. That’s why Upkip comes with a chat-bot that can help to ease you in the dashboards and quickly find what you need. Our team will also be with you, training you in your first steps and ready to provide support whenever you need.


Evaluate what's most important for your business

Upkip comes with a set of manufacturing best practice KPIs. It can also be customized to include the ones you need the most.


With the power of Microsoft cloud-computing services behind it, Upkip can grow with your production while keeping costs low.

The solid platform of Microsoft Azure is what enables Upkip to offer robust features, prioritize safety for the user and be scalable, without increasing costs. It’s wordlwide recognized IoT capabilities, directly on your shop.


Growing compatibility

Upkip is already compatible with the most common devices in manufacturing straight out of the box. We are also regularly issuing new integrations and can look into customizing the system to include your equipment.

Discover what true productivity looks like

With Upkip you’ll achieve new levels of productivity without increasing installed capacity.