Prepare for the future of industry by partnering with Upkip

86 percent of manufacturers believe that smart factories will be the main driver of competition by 2025.

What’s in it for you

Strengthen relationships with your clients

Position yourself to become your clients preferred digitization partner by delivering value through exceptional monitoring and contextualization of data, allowing for reduced downtime, dynamic production scheduling and process-optimization.

Redefine maintenance

With real time monitoring of your clients’ machines, maintenance becomes a predictable process with no required human reporting. No more halted production and emergency repairs.

Pioneer initiatives for sustainability

With functionality for automatic generation of sustainability reports related to power usage and emissions, you will gain powerful tools for meeting manufacturers growing need for sustainable production and processes.

Achieve market synergies

Through co-marketing initiatives and sales assistance our partners receive superior support in elevating their competence and in educating clients. Offer your customers free, no risk pilots with tailored onboarding.

Partnership program


We partner with companies that specialize in providing solid solutions for manufacturers. Our reselling partners complement their services in manufacturing automation, consultancy, software and hardware integration, among others. 

This model is for professionals and companies that supply manufacturers, who can use Upkip to integrate a seamless digital manufacturing experience. Whether you have your own complimentary product or service we can partner to deliver excellence together. 


System integrators

We are continuously growing Upkip’s compatibility by integrating it into new hardware and software systems. By intergrating or adapting our partners systems to the Upkip platform we are able to offer a cost efficient way to provide a complete end-to-end solution to the final customer. As an integrator, we will prioritize making Upkip work with your system so our solutions can complement each other and work seamlessly. 


Agents and referrals

Whether you are a consultancy focused on green impact, financial or managerial consultancy for the manufacturing industry, Upkip is the platform for you. Upkip adds value by being flexible and customizable to meet any manufactures needs, whether it’s increasing productivity, reducing scrap, optimizing energy use or increasing manufacturing efficiency. 


What can you expect from Upkip

Upkip is designed to be a cost efficient, low/no-code IoT platform developed to enable manufacturers to start their digital transformation journey. It has proved successful in diverse scenarios and is being constantly improved upon with customer and partner feedback. As a Upkip partner you can expect 

Hands on education and training with the platform

No risk, run free pilot projects with our support

New recurring revenue streams

Co-marketing and mutually beneficial promotion

Assistance in project-planning and execution

White label option where you can brand the platform as your own